Graffiti Eradication Team

G.E.T. It Off the Wall!

The Graffiti Eradication Team (G.E.T.) is comprised of a group of volunteers who are working in partnership with the Puyallup Police Department to remove graffiti from our City. Graffiti is vandalism, a CRIME, and creates an atmosphere of neighborhood insecurity and lowers property values. It is economically detrimental to our City. When seen, it can create a sense of uneasiness and even fear. Therefore, it is important to remove it as soon as possible. The public is asked to report graffiti as soon as possible to Police and/or photograph it and remove it themselves from their own property. The Graffiti Eradication Team is available to work on public property and can advise as well as assist community members with their private property, under certain circumstances. All community members are asked to help with the removal of this blight from our City.

For more information on the Graffiti Eradication Team review our Graffiti Reporting Form and Brochure.