Technology Available

What Equipment is Available at the Puyallup Public Library?

  • PCs with Windows 2013
  • Headphones
  • Photocopiers
  • Printers (black & white and color)
  • Wi-Fi access

Computer Terminals

Computer terminals requires logging in with your Puyallup Public Library Card barcode and pin. If you are not a card holder, we do offer a guest pass at no charge, available at any service desk.

User Agreement

Terminals may be used for up to two hours per day for card-carrying Puyallup Library patrons and one hour per day for guest pass users. Internet access requires acceptance of the internet Users Agreement (PDF) at the terminal after logging on.

Wi-Fi @ the Library

The Puyallup Public Library has free wireless internet access available for our patrons. Bring in your wireless laptop, smartphone, tablet, handheld game system, or other wireless device. If you are not sure how to connect to our network, please ask any staff member in the library. Be aware that patrons who use the Library's Wi-Fi are subject to our Wireless internet Access Policy (PDF).