Active Permit Applications / Notices

Notice of Application - P-19-0042

Applicant: Abbey Road Group
Address: 2401 Inter Ave SE
Proposal: Development of a 1.85 acre commercial site for a 7,572 square foot office building and associated parking.  Project will include storm water controls, landscaping, utilities,  and roadway improvements.

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Notice of Application - P-19-0027

Applicant:  Jesse Buttar - Orthodontic Excellence
Address: 903 40th Ave SW
Proposal: Rebuild a fire damaged dental office building into a 2,600 square foot, 3 story dental office building with associated parking.

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Notice of Application - P-19-0033

Applicant: City of Puyallup - Office of the City Engineer
Address: 9th Ave SW - South Meridian to 5th St SW
Proposal: 9th Ave SW street replacement project. Project includes two phases— in the summer of 2019, the road will be closed for underground utility replacement, to be repaved temporarily until 2020, when the city will complete upgraded paving, sidewalks, curb ramps, lighting, etc. The project is required to be split into two phases due to the proximity to the Fairgrounds (the project is too long to complete in one summer construction season and the road cannot remain closed during the fall fair)

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Notice of Application - P-19-0023

Applicant: Helix Design Group
Address: 1710 East Main
Proposal: Proposed site development of a 1.6 acre commercial site for a proposed wrestling center (recreation). Off-street parking, storm water management, landscaping and utilities.

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Notice of Application - P-19-0015

Applicant: Sound Transit
Address: Tax parcels: 5870000100, 5870000110, 5870000120, 5870000130, 5870000140
Proposal: Proposed parking garage - Sound Transit (Sounder Station). Proposed five-story garage (503 parking stalls) and 165 surface stalls. Project to begin 2019, anticipated to finish in 2022. Surrounding street improvements and pedestrian bridge over 5th St NW proposed.

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Posted on: 3/8/19

DA for Parking Garage Submittal                                    Exhibit F
Exhibit A                                                                           Exhibit G
Exhibit B                                                                          Exhibit H
Exhibit C                                                                          Exhibit I
Exhibit D                                                                          Exhibit I1             
Exhibit D1                                                                        Exhibit J
Exhibit E

Planning Commission Public Hearing - Housing Choices

The Planning Commission will be holding a public hearing on Wednesday, December 12th, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. on housing choices in the City.

Housing Choices
Puyallup Housing Choices Ordinance
Current Code vs. Amended Code Table

For more information, please contact Michelle Ochs at 253-841-5485.

Notice of Application - P-18-0182

Applicant: City Engineer's Office, City of Puyallup
Address: Milwaukee Bridge right of way (over Puyallup River, connecting Milwaukee Ave E to 5th St NE)
Proposal: Propose rehabilitation of the existing Milwaukee Bridge and relocation of existing utilities over the Puyallup River. Project will require full bridge closure and traffic detour for over one (1) year.

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Notice of Application - P-18-0147

Applicant: Real Estate Equities Development, Inc
Address: 3803 17th St SW
Proposal: Preliminary Site Plan review request for a proposed three-story, 57-unit senior multi-family residential development (village cooperative) with underground parking, on a 3.87-acre site.

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Site Plan

Notice of Application - P-18-0154

Applicant: EcoLube Recovery LLC
Address: 213 10th St SE
Proposal: Conditional Use Permit request to allow conversion and redevelopment of an existing facility to be used as a recycled material (e.g. used motor oil and byproducts) transfer facility.

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Site Plan

Notice of Preliminary Decision - P-18-0031

Applicant: Troy Rideb  
Address: 910 16TH ST SW; TPN 5505301041
Proposal: Reduce the required 8,000 sq. ft. lot area by 10% (to approximately 7,240 sq. ft.) for Lot 2 proposed as part of a two-lot short plat (permit #P-17-0074).

Administrative Adjustment Findings
Proposed Short Plat Drawing

Notice of Application - P-18-0040

Applicant: CES NW, Inc.
Address: 2301 23rd St SE
Proposal: Proposed major plat subdivision application; 15 single family lots. Project includes on-site wetlands, provide storm water management, new roads, utilities, landscaping. Lots range from 10,006 square feet (.25 acres) to 40,056 square feet (.92 acres).

Response to Comments                                                 Updated Traffic Scoping Worksheet
Preliminary Plat                                                               Preliminary Storm Drainage Report
SEPA Environmental Checklist                                       Critical Assessment Wetland Report
Title Report Update

Notice of Public Hearing - P-17-0097

Applicant: Magnet Design + Development, Kevin Carl
Address: 1813 South Meridian
Proposal: Conditional Use Permit - Remodel existing senior housing complex. Renovate two existing buildings and add a second story to the existing administration building.  Renovation to include transforming 11 assisted living units into 13 memory care rooms.

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Posted on: September 14, 2018

Notice of Application - P-18-0112

Applicant: Puyallup Church of Christ
Address: 3305 South Fruitland Avenue
Proposal: Proposal is related to a new church on a 5.6 acre site. Church will be appx. 47,800 square feet at full build out. Phase I will be approximately 33,000 square feet. Site will include new road improvements, storm water management, off-street parking, utilities and landscaping.

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Posted on: August 22, 2018

Notice of Application - P-18-0105

Applicant: Puyallup School District
Address: 1501 39th Ave SW
Proposal: Proposed addition of 12,000 (approximately) warehouse space to existing school district site. New utilities, stormwater infrastructure and other minor site improvements proposed.

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Posted on: August 1, 2018

Notice of Application - P-18-0099

Applicant: Justin Mugford, Larson & Associates
Address: 2424 13th St SW
Proposal: Proposed eighteen (18) lot major plat subdivision on 6.82 acres. Project include new public roads, water/sewer/stormwater infrastructure and landscaping. Lot sizes range from 10,000 sq ft (.25a), up to 15,833.

1. Preliminary Plat Application
2. Preliminary Plat Map
3. SEPA Checklist
4. Critical Area Form
5. Traffic Scoping Worksheet
6. Conceptual Storm & Utilities Plan

Posted on: July 30, 2018

Notice of Application - P-18-0080

Applicant: Farallon Environmental Consulting
Address: 3rd St SE right-of-way (between Spring Street and East Meeker)
Proposal: Excavation and treatment of contaminated soils (caused by former dry cleaner business at 107 3rd Street) below 3rd Street SE. Project will involve a (3) day (appx.) closure of 3rd Street SE between East Meeker and Spring Street and excavation of soil to a depth of 8-10' (appx. 2,000 cubic yards of earth removed). Project start timeline undetermined as of the date of this notice.

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Posted on: July 9, 2018

Notice of Decision - P-18-0043

Applicant: Sydney Olmstead
Address: 504 16th St SW
Proposal: Hair Styling and Wedding Hair Design in home

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Posted on: June 27, 2018

Notice of Application - Revised - P-18-0040

Applicant: CES NW, Inc. (property owner representative)
Site Address: 2301 23rd St SE
Proposal: Proposed major plat subdivision application; 23 single family lots. Project includes on-site wetlands, provide storm water management, new roads, utilities, landscaping. Lots range from 10,006 square feet (.25 acres) to 19,109 square feet (.44 acres).

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Posted on: June 27, 2018

Notice of Application - P-18-0077

Applicant: Vector Development Company - Tyler Litzenberger
Site Address: 321 & 325 Todd Road
Proposal: Construction of a 38,000 square foot building with 8,000 SF of office, 10,000 SF of shop space and 20,000 SF of warehouse with associated with parking.

Posted on: June 14, 2018

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Notice of Application - P-18-0075

Applicant: Sitts & Hill Engineering
Site Address: Parcel #0420204284 - unaddressed
Proposal: 20-unit multi-family (townhome) development complex on a 1.99 acre parcel. Project will including open space, landscaping, off-street parking, storm water controls and utility/street improvements.

Posted on: June 11, 2018

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Notice of Decision - P-18-0057

Applicant: Rebekah Milsten
Site Address: 320 17th ST NW
Proposal: Home Occupation permit request for a home based business providing services for interior design and construction.

Posted on: May 24, 2018

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Notice of Application - P-18-0061

Applicant: Puyallup Korum Nissan
Site Address: 201 Valley Ave NW
Proposal: Preliminary Site Plan review request for proposed redevelopment of a 2.48-acre lot with a new approximately 4,800 square foot car wash and service building, with second floor storage space. The property is currently developed with a model home, office building, shed, and associated parking for an existing auto dealership. Existing model home and shed are proposed to be removed.

Date posted: 5/21/18

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Notice of Decision – P-15-0116 – Administrative Adjustment

Applicant: Keith & Kyeung Techmeier
Site Address: 2307 41ST St SE 
Proposal: Administrative Adjustment permit request to allow a 15-percent reduction in required lot area for proposed ‘Lot 1’ in a proposed two-lot short plat (#P-15-0117) of an approximately 65,394 square foot lot. The property is located within the city’s RS-35 zone, which has a minimum lot size of 35,000 square feet. The reduction would allow the new proposed Lot 1 to be approximately 29,875 square feet. Proposed ‘Lot 2’ would meet the minimum lot area at approximately 35,518 square feet.

The original final approval, with conditions, decision issued by the Development Services Director for the Administrative Adjustment on November 14, 2017 was appealed on November 27, 2017. Per PMC 20.86.025(3), the Hearing Examiner conducted a public hearing on January 30, 2018 to consider the merits of the appeal. The Hearing Examiner issued a decision on the appeal on February 13, 2018, remanding the final administrative adjustment decision to the City of Puyallup Development Services Director for further consideration on specific items. The new Final Decision based on the Hearing Examiner’s remand decision was issued on May 4, 2018; materials regarding this decision can be referenced using the links below: