Salmon Springs Phase II

Project Description

Phase II of the Salmon Springs Water Main Replacement Project includes the replacement of approximately 3,000 linear feet of existing cast iron water main that was installed in the early 1900's. This phase of the project will continue the main replacement that was accomplished in Phase 1 of the project that installed approximately 600 linear feet of water main from the collection site of salmon springs to the City's chlorination compound. Once complete, the existing portion of water transmission line will remain in place due to it's current location within a sensitive area and will be kept in operating condition in the event an emergency bypass of the new water transmission line is required. A large portion of the Phase II Salmon Springs Water Main Replacement will be within the City of Sumner Right of Way. See the Project Vicinity Map Below.

  1. Drew Young, P.E.

    Civil Engineer
    Phone: 253-435-3641

Project Schedule

The project is currently open for public bids. The bidding will close and be publicly opened on Thursday, May 31st, at 2:00 PM in the City of Puyallup Council Chambers located on the 5th Floor of Puyallup City Hall. It is currently anticipated that construction will begin in July. Updates to project schedule will be posted as they become available. Property owners in the immediate vicinity of the project will receive mailers of construction notification.

We appreciate your patience and understanding in any roadway obstructions or travel delays this water main replacement project may cause. We will be working with the City of Sumner to resolve any issues that arise as diligently and swiftly as possible.

Project Status Updates

8/21/2018 - As of 6:00 am, This project is currently on temporary suspension due to the current local economic stand down for all Western Washington Master Labor Agreement work. Updates will be provided as they become available.

6/8/2018 - Bids were opened on May 31st, 2018. The City received two bids with the apparent low bidder being Scarsella Brothers, Inc. Final bid results can be found at the following link. 


Project Vicinity Map

Salmon Springs Phase 2 - Project Vicinity Map