Active Transportation

Project Background

In 2014, the City received a grant to complete a non-motorized transportation plan (officially called the Active Transportation Plan). Development of this plan is the second part in a three-part project including an update to the Comprehensive Plan Transportation Element (completed June 2015) and development of an ADA Transition Plan (anticipated completion Fall 2016).
Public input and outreach took place at open houses in Summer 2013 and Spring 2015 to gather active transportation strategies from the community and later to validate the draft Puyallup Moves Implementation Strategy. The open houses focused on exploring City transportation goals and facility types, and identifying transportation needs and prioritization methods for funding and locating projects. Additionally, over 200 people shared their ideas and provided input via an online digital mapping exercise and survey in Spring 2015.

ATP Planning Commission Public Hearing

A Planning Commission public hearing was held August 24, 2016, at which time they unanimously recommended the Plan be forwarded to City Council for adoption.

ATP City Council Consideration

Planning staff will lead council members on a bike tour in order to better understand the existing conditions of bicycle facilities in the city and identify areas where new facilities are needed. The bike tour will be held November 4, 2016 at 3:30 p.m., meeting at the City Hall surface parking lot.

City Council will consider a resolution adopting the Active Transportation Plan in the coming months.

ADA Transition Plan

Planning staff is soliciting comments on the draft ADA Transition Plan. You may review the plan here, and provide any comments or questions to Senior Planner, Katie Baker, AICP, at 253-435-3604 or

  1. Katie Baker, AICP

    Long Range Planning - Senior Planner
    Phone: 253-435-3604

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